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☯️ start your yoga journey ☯️

Yoga was never my kind of sport. I just was never interested and when I tried it, I was always disappointed with how exhausting and not relaxing it was. But did you know that yoga is fantastic for your mental health? Yoga is a great way to relax, slow down the heart rate, and manage stress. It can also help you feel more calm, relaxed, and balanced. It helps with sleeping problems, stress reduction, and anxiety, and who doesn't struggle with that?

Yoga is more than just stretching, it's about being in the present moment, gaining control over your mind and body, and being in tune with yourself.

There are many types of yoga, so here is a little explanation.

Hatha Yoga: This form of yoga uses postures and breathing techniques to foster physical relaxation, as well as mental clarity, and spiritual enlightenment. It’s commonly practiced by people who want to become healthier or lose weight. Iyengar Yoga: Similar to Hatha, this style focuses on poses that challenge the body while maintaining good posture. However, unlike Hatha practitioners who focus on poses, Iyengar practitioners use props such as blocks or blankets when doing standing poses.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga: This type of practice focuses on slow movements with deep breathing exercises designed to build stamina, so you can do more difficult poses with ease. These types include Bikram Choudhury's 26-degree heated room sessions, where students sweat through their clothes while listening to live music which for me, sounds like a nightmare, but some people like it, I guess.

The word "yoga" is derived from the Sanskrit root "Yuj" which means to bind, join, attach and yoke. Yoga is over 5000 years old and has its origins in India. Because yoga has existed for such an extended period, there are hundreds of sources, different styles, and instructors. I looked up some of the YouTube Yoga instructors and here are my favorites who may motivate you to start your yoga journal.

Yoga with Adriene: She makes beginner-friendly videos, and she gets bonus points cuz her dog is in some of her videos :)

Yoga with Kassandra: she does yin yoga which means her videos are slower and don’t require difficult movements which require a lot of strength (Which I am very grateful for).

Abiola Akanni: She doesn't just do yoga videos, she also talks a lot about Buddhism and how she became a yoga instructor, furthermore how you can become one too.

Boho Beautiful Yoga: a couple's YouTube channel. They make a range of different videos and have organized playlists.

Pamela Reif: Yes she does Workout videos but also quick 10 min Yoga challenges which you can do if you are in a rush and feel like you can't spend 30 min doing yoga.

all of them are really lovely humans, and maybe they will help you to get more into yoga.

Here are my last tips:

Don’t overdo it: If you feel tired after, take an extra day or two off before starting again.

Do not push yourself too hard: Remember that this is supposed to be fun! You will get better at it as your body becomes more used to doing yoga.Yoga is a great way to relax, breathe and practice.

Don't push yourself too hard, or expect yourself to be perfect.

Yoga is about being gentle with yourself—don't expect anything from yourself! It's also important not to be too hard on yourself when practicing yoga; it's normal for beginners' bodies to feel tense or uncomfortable during practice sessions, but this does not mean that you are doing something wrong in particular or that you should stop trying new things altogether!

Try out some yoga today. It has so many benefits, and it will only make your life better in the long run!

Love & Light from Berlin, xx

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