Founder & Head of Marketing

Lara is responsible for all social media campaigns, influencer marketing, photo shoots and provides us with innovative suggestions for content generation and its implementation. As a digital native from #GenerationZ, Lara took an early interest in 'designing' and graduated as a Media Technical Assistant in 2016, after several internships in Los Angeles and Bali (where Marit and Lara met) she finally completed her Bachelor of Arts in Media Conception and Production and fully dedicated herself to "fünf". If you have any comments or questions, or if you want to become part of our team, feel free to contact Lara:!

Fünfs 5 Questions:

1. Last heard song: MRD matter of Time

2. Zodiac sign & Ascendant: Taurus & Gemini

3. Who are you at a party? Enjoying mimosas at the bar

4. What´s your go-to spice? Soy sauce & Sriracha sauce

5. Favorite place? Melrose Avenue - LA

Laras favorite piece are the Anting Earrings


Founder & Head of Design

Hi! My name is Marit and I founded fünf together with Lara in 2018. Since then I‘m responsible for the designs and collection. My beloved hometown is Cologne, but I feel just as much at home in Bali. I love analog photography and starting all kinds of creative projects. My newest obsession is tattooing. Another addiction of mine is chili cheese toast, which tastes even better since I've been vegan. As soon as it‘s sunny and over 15 degrees , you‘ll find me outside enjoying the sun with an aperol spritz:).

Fünfs 5 Questions:

1. Last heard song: always RIN and dancing in the moonlight - toploader:)

2. Zodiac sign & Ascendant: Leo & aries

3. Who are you at a party? I take care for good drinks and/or dance all night long

4. What´s your go-to spice? way too much salt

5. Favorite place? sit on a scooter (with lara on the back) and drive around bali

Marits favorite piece is the Racun Shirt!



As a Fünf supporter from the very beginning, I feel lucky to be a part of the Fünf team now. Combining fashion, music, writing and photography as my tasks, I feel like playing out my hobbies while working for the brand - accompanied by the loveliest people.

Being more of a night owl than a morning person, I don’t mind one (or twelve) glasses of bubbly after work until late in the night while keeping myself busy with reading, always in good company with some good tunes. I might or might not make some music myself (at least I’m trying) and strive to dress presentable, because it’s fun!

Fünfs 5 Questions:

1. Last heard song: LAUSSE THE CAT - Motor City

2. Zodiac sign & Ascendant: On the edge of Gemini and Cancer - Scorpio (Sorry)

3. Who are you at a party? Bustling about the dancefloor and the bar

4. What´s your go-to spice? Garlic all the way!

5. Favorite place? The little bar in my mum’s hometown

Leas favorite piece is the Buda Bucket Hat!



Philipps job includes supporting the two founders in design issues, pattern making, sampling and sewing. Studying „Fashion“ at Hochschule Pforzheim, he just finished his 6th Semester and will be writing his bachelor thesis after completing his internship. During his study time he gained a wast knowledge in different dying techniques which he will introduce to our upcoming collection. As he is working in homeoffice, he‘s dwelling in a local dressmaking workshop, where he did his

pre-studies internship and found his passion for fashion. Doubtful if he will ever meet his bosses and co-workers in person, he immediately liked the fünf team and our monday calls. Hopefully meeting us in person wont change that *laughing*

Fünfs 5 Questions:

1. Last heard song? Existence - Original Mix, Sama

2. Zodiac sign & Ascendant? Capricorn & Libra

3. Who are you at a party? Either fall asleep before 2:00 or last man standing

4. What´s your go-to spice? Maggi

5. Favorite place? Vineyards around Würzburg at night, GinTonic and music, looking at the city lights all by myself

Philipps favorite piece is the Bom Shirt!


Intern Management

As a person, I am outgoing, spontaneous and open-minded. If the sun is shining I love spending the day outside with my loved ones. Moreover I would never refuse a glas of wine, especially not a Weinschorli (It´s a mix of sparkling water and white wine). In addition I have a weakness for hair clips and have a few in different sizes and colours.

AND btw I´m known for making the best cheese sandwich - which I´m very proud of.

Fünfs 5 Questions:

1. Last heard song: Fünf´s Anti Valentine tunes

2. Zodiac sign & Ascendant: Virgo & Leo

3. Who are you at a party? The one who is always busy :D

4. What´s your go-to spice? salt & pepper

5. Favorite place? A special park in my hometown

Leonies favorite piece is the Ngurah Shirt, but she's also in love with the Anting Earrings.


Intern Social Media

I'm the one annoying friend who can sing along to almost every song. In my free time I love to be creative - whether it's writing poetry slams, practising hand-lettering or editing videos. I would describe my clothing style as "mostly oversized", therefore I am happy to combine my passion for fashion with my work now. And I’m also super happy to be a part of the fünf family <3

Louisas favorite Piece is the Ngurah T-Shirt

Fünfs 5 Questions:

1. Last heard song:

Makko - Wein

2. Zodiac sign & Ascendant: both Virgo - I know I’m so special :-)

3. Who are you at a party?

At the bar having good conversations

4. What´s your go-to spice?

Curry & Garlic

5. Favorite place?

On a lake with my friends and beer

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