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fünf's monthly horoscope - May

Starsign of the month


(April 20 - May 20)

This months horoscope goes out to all of you Taureans! It’s the month of your birthday. And even if it might’ve already been last month, it’s the time for new beginnings. Relieve yourself from old habits, live dreams and set new intensions. This might lead you onto a whole new path you didn’t expect to take. The month of May might start off with some considerations about your values. Make up your mind by going inside of it and find out what is actually important to you. There might be some business opportunities and it will be a good time to promote yourself and develop more of your talents which might lead to you throwing yourself into something you really enjoy and wanted to do for a while. The course of the month will take you on a spiritual journey and you’ll find yourself looking for more meaning and purpose in life. There could be some changes to your appearance - either relating to yourself or how the world sees you. This gives you a great opportunity to connect with new people, find new groups or even a community you’ve always wanted to connect with. Towards the end of the month, the light will shine on you and your talents. Show them, try them out and follow this new feeling! On the other hand, something might come to light that has been hiding for a while. It might be about money, a legal situation or a partnership. With mercury retrograde by the end of the month, you will be back to thinking about what is a value to you, who is, and why. Make important decisions before that time.


Your family life might need some improvement. Avoid fights with family members and rather take the role of the leader or give in without losing your temper. As it is with your family life, your love life might need some improvement and taking care of as well this month. Trivial matters might lead to conflicts and you’d rather want to avoid differences. Talk and try to understand peoples views - this can only strengthen your relationship and increase the trust. If you are dating someone or want to, this is a good time to talk to your person of interest as the chances are high they’ll feel the same. Make them see who you are and what they’re missing out on.

Finance & career:

You’re near the end of a project that you’ve been working on really hard and are very proud of. This month might start off with you finally earning respect and eventually money for your completed project and expertise, also elevating your reputation. If it doesn’t happen at the beginning of the month, don’t worry. It will work out at some point this month. As much as success is guaranteed, you should avoid business partnerships and remain careful who you trust. Your financial situation might seem a bit troublesome, but improvement is guaranteed. Try to work with and create a good budget plan.


As a lot has been going on, you might feel a bit tired, your eyes and body are heavy or your have problems falling asleep. Meditation can be a good way to regain your inner strength and feel more vital. Try to stay active and improve your fitness. Don’t exhaust yourself too much though and keep it slow - light exercises and yoga can be a beneficial way of exploiting without exhausting.


(May 21 - June 20)

Just like Taurus natives you’re in the spotlight this month as your birthday’s on its way. This months has to offer a lot of mixed emotions and events. The first half might make you rethink decisions and yourself in general - who you are, how you want to be seen and what you can do to achieve yours goals. Concerning your job, there might be decisions made for you and you don*t have a choice but to accept. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing though and you could gain benefit from it. If you’re currently looking for a job, try to increase your effort and work harder, it could lead to something good. It’s a good time to nourish your mind and achieve the self love you’ve always wanted to achieve. You’ll see the results in how you reflect in the world around you. Work on your mindset by getting into something new, even something spiritual, to expand your vision, which will also work out career-wise. Find a way to share and teach more. Your health is an important topic this month as there will be ups and downs as well. Improve your routine and eating habits to avoid the downs. Don’t shy away from consulting experts to help you with your health and include exercising in your daily schedule. Take good care of yourself so you can take care of others. In the course of the month there’ll be a time to shine for you and you should think of how you can bring this shine to other people, for example by helping them, give them some warmth and happiness and send out a good messages. When it comes to family life, be careful and choose your words wisely to avoid conflicts. Towards the end of the month, a relationship (new or old) might develop and you’ll see or feel something about a specific person you didn’t see or feel before. Your love life will include a lot of mixed emotions. Don’t be egoistic, control your anger and avoid petty issues between you and your partner. You should finish the month with some deep thinking and going inwards to regain strength.


(June 21 - July 21)

This is a good month to take action and do things to express your passion. This could cause chaos at first but don’t let this distract you from your path. The first half of the month offers a good time for completions and to consider new beginnings and changes. Reconsider things and decisions you’ve made and take the time to learn from them. You might be offered a promotion and will finally get the appreciation for your work, especially in the second half of the month. Working together with people and getting expert’s advice might be beneficial for you, especially to avoid impulsive and wrong decisions. If you’re currently looking for a job, chances are high you’ll be able to get a long desired job. When it comes to finances, be careful and try to work with a budget plan to avoid unwanted expenses. New friends and people will enter your life and contribute to the change as well. By the mid of the month you may feel the urge to travel, but also in other ways. Expand your spiritual journey, find new meanings and perspectives and reach out to people and communicate. Recurring life problems might upset you this month, but try to stay focused and balanced with meditation or light exercise. It’s the time to pull yourself together and shine a light on things you’ve been avoiding. Solve and purge them out of your thoughts. It’ll help you heal, feel calm and safe. Embracing your creative side in form of new hobbies and things that bring you joy will help to take care of your mental health as well. Your family will be a huge support this month and the time your spend with them will influence your well-being in a positive way. Be cautious when it comes to your love life this month. You could get into a conflict with your partner which might lead to separation. It could be cause by your behavior which you need to work on. A surprise might be waiting at the end of the month in form of getting in touch with someone from your past. This could turn out as a very healing experience.


(July 22 - August 22) Your social life and your career seem to be important fields to work on this month. Be careful not to make any mistakes that might lead you into trouble and try to be extra cautious, especially in your working field. You will use your intelligence and avoid serious problems though. By staying respectful and calm, you’ll work it all out. You should take a look at your friends and the people around and how they influence you. Do they have a positive or negative effect on your? Is it time for a new community? In terms of that it’s a good time to work in a team and cooperate - chose wisely who to work with. Your career might be heading into a new directions and there could be a new way to think about your career. A financial increase seems to be ahead. It’ll be easy for you to control your expenses and avoid unnecessary costs. Try to study something new and extend your skills, it’ll give you new energy and maybe even a new direction. It’s a good month to think about what you want to give and achieve and how to be the authentic you. Be extra cautious when it comes to your health though and develop some habits that are good for your body and mind. Still, break out of old habit patterns that slow you down and create a routine that suits you better. Go to the bottom of problems and issues and show more of your real self. By the mid of the month you’ll feel a lot of support from people around you, giving you their resources or even sponsor you. It’s a good time for partnerships - business and other kinds. Towards the end of the month, a new friend may appear or you could meet someone you enjoy being with. New bright possibilities seem to be ahead and there’ll be other chances to express yourself. Bring out the child in your and enjoy the innocence and pure joy - what ever makes you happy, do it. The end of the month seems to be a good time to complete something you’ve started before.


(August 23 - September 22)

The focus seems to be on your career this month. It’s a good time to change directions, renew connections or add a missing piece. You’re looking for ways in which you can contribute and help others. By learning new skills, studying something or extend the skills you already have, you could help others and yourself, be it your career, your personal life or the world around you. Work hard, it’ll pay off and you’ll get the good results soon. There might even be a promotion or a raise waiting for you. Surround yourself with people and partners that are trustworthy. It’s very important to do and learn what you love and it’ll inspire others as well. Avoid waiting and procrastinating and just do it. You’re in the right mindset to travel or go somewhere you’ve never been to. Not necessarily meaning a holiday (as traveling is difficult at the moment), but heading into a new direction in general. Be inspired and inspire others. It’s important to find a balance between your physical and mental stability and the spiritual and invisible things in your life. Especially physical activities will help you stay fit, focused and healthy. By the mid of the month you might start a new relationship or go further with an already existing one. This could be marriage but also a business relationship. Either way, you’ll grow and learn from those relationships. You might realize what needs to change inside of you and what you want to learn or correct. Be more vulnerable, open and don’t hide your feelings. Be aware of the precious time you’re spending with your loved ones and appreciate it while you can. If conflicts seem to built up, try to not let it get to you and act smartly. Towards the end of the month is the time to shine your light. Be more childish, playful and enjoy the little things. Consider going home for a while or change your locations. The environment and people around you are essential for your well-being. Stay open to important messages and listen to your own intuition.


(September 23 - October 22)

This month seems to be a very promising one for you. The hard work you’ve put into projects or your job in general will finally pay off and lead to success in the field of work. Especially at the beginning of the month you’ll get a lot of appreciation and a promotion is possible. The financial results of your hard work will pay off and there could be an increase of income - coming either from your job or other sources. Take the chance and repay people you may still owe money. This will be a relief and free your mind for other important things. You need indeed safe your energy in terms of your health and well-being. Too much stress can cause negative effects on your skin, stomach or mind. Pay attention to your habits and eventually change them for the better. Your love life will stay stable this month and some warmth and light might support your relationship. Take time to invest in your relationships to boost your confidence and trust in each other. Quality time together will only brighten things up. Make your loved ones little gifts and receive emotional gifts as a result. Avoid mistrust and try to eliminate any bad feelings by talking openly and honest. Be honest about your feelings towards someone as well.


(October 23 - November 21)

Soon, very much will happen in your life, so it's better to prepare for it. May is quite beneficial to different aspects of your life. You should handle all problems with tact and diplomacy. Love will be highly passionate and there will be many happy events. But do expect some surprises to make it more enjoyable.Venus, which is described as a planet of love, will make the newly established romance even hotter than before. There will be a lot of charm, courage, decisiveness and tendency to flirt in you. There will be a lot going on at home as well as in the immediate surroundings, so you can expect an unannounced guest at the beginning of the month, whose visit will put you in a lot of amazement. It will start to conflict with you, between duties to be carried out at home and those ordered by your supervisor. It will be most noticeable at the end of the month. Do everything possible to keep your inner balance and find time to find everything. Your compatibility in your love life will be blissful and there will be excitement and innovation in the way you love. Love will be gentle during the second half of the month. Give importance to the views of your spouse in whatever you do like planning for a baby.

Single persons will have so many planets encouraging you to get into love relationships. Go ahead and look around for the right love mates.


(November 22 - December 20)

May might bring a lot of mixed results your you. You don’t need to worry when it comes to your career. Avoid conflicts and arguments - a good way to do so is to focus on your own goals and performance and reach your own expectations by working harder. When it comes to communication, be careful what you say and chose your words wisely. If you’re owning a business, don’t expect too much this month as good things come to those who wait. While working with a partner it’s important to communicate and listen to your them to resolve differences at the time. By the end of the month things will look brighter anyway. The same seems to work for finances: try saving money at least until the end of the month, where it’s more likely for your to benefit from it. Those ups and downs can get to your mental health. Remember that staying physically and mentally fit and having a healthy diet helps with living a better life in general. It’s important to put your energy into your health and listen to your body this month. Your love life may seem a bit difficult by the beginning of the month. Conflicts with your loved one might be in the way and put you down. Try to find out where things have changed and work on them. If you’re in love, don’t act hasty. Decode the situation and try to find out the truth behind your feelings and the person you have them for. The whole month is a good time for a new love, but you’ll especially feel a strong attraction towards someone by the end of the month. A decline in faith will rock your family life and grievances against each other might be a result. To keep the harmony intact, spend time with your loved ones and support them on where you can. Try to maintain a lot of control over your speech to avoid further conflicts and unnecessarily provoke others. Communicate openly and calmly and let everyone share their opinion.


(December 21 - January 19)

It seems to be a bumpy month ahead. Ups and downs might be in the way of your career path but good outcomes are likely to result. You may feel confused and distracted - especially considering your work. Focus on the good things and be confident about the things you are able to achieve. Favorable outcomes will be the result. If you’re owning a business, it’ll be a good time to establish and through your efforts your business will grow. Maybe even start a new business. Don’t take steps in overconfidence, consider consequences and decide calmly, eventually with the help from somebody. Even though this month seems to be very good financially, rather invest and safe than excessively spend money. You’ll feel energetic and fit this month and besides minor and normal health issues, you’ll be fine. Try to keep a healthy diet and routine though and exercise to avoid even small issues and safe your energy for more important things. Listen to your body and look out for changes you might want to introduce. Adapt to whatever your body tells you to - either if it’s resting or using your energy. Your love life has spectacular things waiting for you this month. It seems like the right time to convince a person about your yourself with charming and sweet talks. If you have a partner, you’ll benefit from the relationship and (re)gain some trust, strength and balance. Be careful with mutual differences and consequential separation. Talk with an open mind and put your ego aside to smoothen out conflicts and improve your relationship. Promising and positive vibes will improve your family life and connections as well. Avoid discussing finances though as this might be a difficult topic, especially with same-aged family members. Your family will in general be very supportive and there might be even more support in the form of a new baby. The atmosphere will be uplifting generally and listening to each other will improve the whole relationship.


(January 21 - February 19)

May seems like a promising but eventually unstable month. Some trouble at your workplace might cause doubts and make you feel misunderstood. It might be a hard time and you’ll feel treated unfair. A new job could seem like a solution - but don’t rush. Talk to someone and get another and even experienced opinion. Things could go uphill again sooner than you think. Follow your mind rather than your heart this time. Still, it is not the worst time to start something new and you might give it a try. Be careful with your finances this month though. Rather help people out (if your wallet allows you to) than trusting people who have cheated to you in the past. On the other side this month is a good time to start a business, launching a product or service and in general expressing your creativity. Go out and express what’s inside of you and brings you (and eventually others) joy. Release your inner child and get back to the old creativity that made you happy in the past. Being a lot at home might’ve made you feel trapped and caused a tightness in your chest. Try to go out and regain the feeling of freedom in your body and mind. Consider chest-opening exercises, jogging or long and refreshing walks outside. Get a routine to clear your mind and relief you from stress and worries. Being in love can be challenging sometimes. This month can bring some separation and arguments with your partner. Be careful how you use your words, keep calm and pay attention to the way you act in front of people. Controlling your anger might spare you some conflicts. You’ll overcome most issues though and it’ll be back to harmony soon enough. Romance and butterflies could be waiting for those who are single and currently hoping for a new spark. Spending time with your family and loved ones might cause arguments as well but the more you listen to them calmly and spend time with them, the less there’ll be space for arguments.


(February 20 - March 19)

This month might have a few challenges waiting for you. Especially in terms of career, you’ll find yourself being on the move. It might be a stressful time in the office or a literal move to another location, also apart from work. Try to stay focused, concentrated and put as much effort in your career as possible - with a calm and concentrated mind, it’ll work out in the end. The right communication and people around you might help you with good profit from different sources. It’s a good time for new possibilities, collaborations and ideas. Spread yourself and expand out to get out of your comfort zone and see your potential. Increase your income by investing eventually. Stressful times can affect your mental but also your physical health. Avoid stress eating and don’t build up too much tension in your shoulders. Light exercise, some yoga and meditation will help to stay focused and relief you from the tension. No matter if you’re in a relationship or still searching for your significant other, this month can bring some major changes to your love life. Being in a relationship, even a small issue can cause a conflict and might generate some doubts about each other’s loyalty. Work on your relationship and try to keep the bond between you and your partner. If you’re doubting about your current love interest, try to listen to yourself and don’t make decisions in haste. Asking other people for advice might just confuse you at the moment. Conflicts with your family should’t also be solved in haste. Listen to your loved ones, act respectfully and try to understand their way of thinking to understand the situation. This month the focus lies especially on your home base and thus on security, stability and family. It’ll uncover a lot of strength and inner confidence. It’s a good time to express your potential and embrace who you are!


(March 20 - Apr 19)

You might feel like your energy needs a little boost his month and it seems you can’t make up your mind. But once you got there, you’ll see the positive results very soon, especially when it comes to your job. Your effort might even lead to a higher position and get to to some favorable results. Try to remain this energetic. It’ll (literally) pay off in terms of your financial situation which makes it a good month to invest and even risk a little bit. This month might shake up everything a little, so don’t stick to your habit patterns too much. If there are bad vibes or indifferences between you and someone close to you, the best way to solve things is to talk and discuss it out. Try to take care of your health this month and maybe change your routine for the better, get some sleep, eat healthy and try to be more physically active - it’ll give you the well needed boost! Use if for creative things and learning new skills as well. As for your love life, there might be new opportunities waiting for you. If you’re already in a relationship, this month will you bring stability and might be a good opportunity to go a step further with your partner. Your partner will be a great support this month so don’t hesitate to talk to them. As good as you feel with your partner, you might feel misunderstood from your family. They might not get your mindset and make you feel isolated. Try to talk and explain yourself to smooth the tensions. End the month with some self reflections and have some meditative time.

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