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fünf's monthly horoscope - June

Starsign of the month


(May 21 - June 20)

It's your birthday month, Geminis, and it's a good time to counter the potential issues that last month has brought to you. You'll feel your intellect and mental sharpness increase which will make you feel transformative and unravel good things from your destiny - you’re going through a destined shift at this time. While solving issues, it's important to think before you express yourself and avoid saying something that might be too rash for people around you. Your inner anger and pride could be in the way and make you seem egoistic and volatile in your speech, so be careful in terms of relationships. Besides from that, there seem to be some positive changes in your personal and professional life. This month gives you an opportunity to reflect on your progress, review your plans, and take a new route to get what you’re after.


When it comes to love, you'll feel insatiable this month. Your need for affection, gestures and snuggles could intensify noticeably. Changing your way of communication might do you a favor, not only when it comes to attracting people. It will also help you avoid hurting people or the person you love. Your spontaneity could trigger your clumsiness. Be careful! You might have to confront someone who isn't reliable and hides his or her true intentions.

Finance & career:

There should be a few surprises waiting for you this month. Career- and business-wise, your boldness can make you achieve your dreams and goals. You have a natural hastiness and habit to skim through things rather than dig deeper. This could also intensify this month, so be aware. A raise, a tax return or some financial help might make your current situation more comfortable.


With the sun in your sign, you shouldn't lack any energy or strength this month. There might be a nervousness, a little additional stress, but you'll find a way to relax. Get some fresh air and relieve those tensions. Stretching, regular breaks and even deep breaths could help your with getting through it. Avoid sitting in front of a screen too much and rather try to enjoy the weather.


(June 21 - July 21)

The month will start off with your dynamism and combative nature being boosted. It'll implicate beneficial aspects that will inspire you. A stroke of genius might even be included. You'll feel an extreme motivation and the need to fight for an ideal or defend a cause. This time is perfect to reach your goals, finish projects or fulfill dreams you've had in mind for a while. Your love life, single or in a relationship, may include unexpected encounters. It may be love at first sight, an unexpected encounter or taking a new step with your partner or love interest, maybe even reaching a new level - charm and seduction in every way. You can trust your intuitions, judgement and decisions this month. It will imply and offer luck and popularity - enough to move forward without turning back. The past will be in the past and you'll feel optimistic. The strength to ask for things will be noticeably, especially financially. However, don't forget about Mercury retrograde, it may trigger delays and complications, but you can handle it. You'll feel energetic this month, but you need to learn to handle your feelings - some things might make you feel clumsy, trigger hurts or other issues. Keep an eye on your emotionalism.


(July 22 - August 22) The start of June might feel a bit slow and lazy for you, potentially carried from May into the new month. But by the middle of the month, latest, you'll feel your energy and fighting spirit coming back. This might be a good time for a professional change as you'll feel strong and encouraged. Your ambitions and your enterprising mind will be boosted as well. When it comes to your love life, you'll feel like you're staying in the shadow - just like Venus stays in the shadow of your sign. Until the very end of the month, your love life could feel like it's on stand-by, as things are less dazzling. And it's not necessarily a bad thing as your love life won't be your priority. You won't need to make any more efforts when it comes to your ongoing relationship and if your dating someone, you'll feel like enough feelings are involved by now and you'll miss them. By the end of the month you'll regain your seduction power and desire to love. Just as it is with your love life, you'll feel yourself moving forward very slowly with your career as there won't be much motivation. Your combativeness, energy and ambition will be back by the mid of the month and make you think of making changes in your work - and you'll do everything to make it happen. Even though your income is stable, your plans, projects and financing is taking long. You'll need a lot of patience. Your wellbeing might suffer a bit. Take care of yourself and try to rest rather than overwork to regain energy and strength. The end of the month will mark a changing point and you'll get the boost you need.


(August 23 - September 22)

June seems to be a very romantic and compassionate month for you. You'll find yourself being in an affectionate atmosphere - be it your family, friends or relationship. You'll do your best for the harmony to last long around you as it gives you a boost. But be careful - by the middle of the month you might feel a damper be put on your energy. You'll need to make more effort to continue making your business move forward. As already mentioned, you'll feel positive vibes when it comes to your love life and relationships. Affection, hugs, love, kind gestures - you'll do anything for a peaceful atmosphere and to make everyone around you happy. For the singles: welcome a surprising encounter and let it change the course of your life. In the beginning of the month you'll benefit from feeling motivated and being able to resist complications. After that your energy might feel lower and won't be as present. You'll feel you have to put a bigger effort to achieve the same result. By the end of the month you will probably regain your strength though and will get your work done properly. This month could favor increasing finances or getting a loan. Don't underestimate anything when it comes to your career. Especially the mid of the month could make your arguments seem not too convincing and meetings could lack clarity and transparency. As you're generally good at managing budgets, you'll handle it. You'll also feel encouraged to get a grip on your lifestyle. Eating better, doing sports and get the sleep you need - some things need to change and you're determined to come up with a plan.


(September 23 - October 22)

In terms of relationship issues, you'll find yourself prioritizing work over relationships. By the mid of the month you'll feel a boost concerning your projects, actions and the strength to get moving. You need to be patient as Mercury retrograde could slow things down a bit and it could take a bit longer to get answers. This month might favor your working relationships more than your romantic exchanges. You may feel strongly attracted to a work colleague or come across a heart stopper. The family atmosphere might feel a bit tense and communication could seem a bit complicated. Try to be patient and less sensitive, so that you don't ruin things. Career-wise you seem to be doing good - and bold. You'll move forward with a project, but don't be shy to ask for help or advise. You'll feel brave, take risks and portray genuine motivation which makes you move mountains. Still, things might not be that easy due to the various oppositions which will come in the way or slow down your actions. You won't get discouraged and you'll be able to smartly maneuver though. There also could be some issues with a colleague, so watch out. When it comes to money, you should be careful with spending too much as your accounts are not going to be in great shape. You'll feel tempted but act wisely and rather safe your money for better times. In terms of health, you should take care of yourself (as you always should)! You're in satisfying shape, so try to stay on the ball.


(October 23 - November 21)

You'll have a lot to smile this month, especially when it comes to love and work. In your love life, couples, you'll discover yourself. It's the perfect time to boost your relationship and dust off your exchanges and jazz up your anticts. This could concern a relationship, making one official or even start a family. A heart stopper might be on the way for singles. Don't neglect little signs which seem trivial. This could be the beginning of a future relationship. You will feel your creativity being boosted when it comes to your professional life, which could lead to a nice sum in the end. This will highlight you in many ways. You manage to move forward depending on the course of action you've set. Be careful with your rebellious nature and difficulty to accept authority, which might affect you from the middle of the months onwards. Your strong character may get out of hand and trigger some issues with authority. Think before talking, especially since Mercury will be in retrograde and you may be clumsy with your remarks. All the elements seem to be present for your finances to do well. Due to Mercury in retrograde there could be some delay or hinder some money inflow. By the end of the month things will move forward and this could mean a new and interesting contract for you. It could herald promising money inflow or a deal rounding off in your favor. This will mean major relief for you. You'll be able to rest and the end of the month is going to be much better than the beginning. You might have a hard time channeling your emotions and energy and won't feel as balanced, but this feeling won't last long.


(November 22 - December 20)

Mercury in retrograde could get to you a bit this month and might herald a few misunderstandings and communication issues, especially with your partner. You'll need to be more wary and surely less hospitable. You might struggle with emotions and feel a bit fragile. The first half of the month might make it harder when it comes to communication with your partner. Misunderstandings, even lies, all this puts a damper on the atmosphere and things could be chilly. By the end of the month things are clear again and doubts vanish. You resume the pleasure to communicate and things are even humorous. The singles amongst you seem to be quite indecisive with your expectations but at the end of the month your world might change. This month will gift you with a boost when it comes to your business. You'll find the spot which is yours through your talents and devotion. Dynamic impulses in the mid of the month might be useful for any negative effects that could come with Mercury in retrograde. There still could be an administrative issue and you won't have all the elements you need at the moment to solve the issue. Don't push things. This month could also include a few scares when it comes to the balance of your accounts. A few complications and lacks of honesty and clarity could be triggered. You're firmly advised to be wary, careful and not to trust people too easily. Your optimistic and welcoming nature could mislead you here. When it comes to your wellbeing, you're tired with your emotions and nervousness. From the mid of the month onwards, your vitality will strengthen though. It's important to do some relaxing exercises and get some air. Try out mediation before going to sleep.


(December 21 - January 19)

You'll feel yourself being more relaxed, cheerful and welcoming this month. Your popularity increases and you have a great reputation. As good as it seems, you'll need to be patient if you're waiting for a response, mainly for job. When it comes to relationships and especially your family, a shadow will be casted on them in the first half of the month. Then, you'll resume promising complicity. In your love life something might trigger contentions and a need to put things back in perspective. In a relationship the stars will allow you to spend time together, forge ties through trust, affection and sensuality. Don't worry about being single, you're going to be a hit. This month is a good time for your business to become prosper as you'll know how to take care of your relations and communication. You'll be able to go through with your projects and defy any negative effects. Especially at the beginning of the month you'll feel encouraged to show authority and strike power, if you were to get yourself heard or demand respect. You might come across people who could help your financially, in case of financial difficulties. You may need this! Get moving and care for your required money inflow to pay your bills and maybe projects. Don't expect anything wonderful before the 23rd though. You'll feel encouraged to go with the flow. Even though it's not really like you, you'll appreciate some relaxing moments or even pondering over things. It'll help you revitalize and begin your activities in a more dynamic way, which is something you need! You can be proud of your workaholic nature but life DOES exist after work.


(January 21 - February 19)

There might be a time this month, when you should take a step back concerning a tough relationship with your partner or in business. You'll know when it gets triggered. It's recommended to wait before taking initiatives. By the end of the month you'll repay the rewards. When it comes to your love life, an activity could make you feel attracted to someone in the same professional field but rather as a one night stand than for life. Your love for freedom won't be affected as it'll be more about an elusive affair than the affair of your lifetime. It could make you appreciate what you do more though and also boost your self-confidence. Career-wise (without any affairs included) you should be careful from the second half of the month. Some tensions might be triggered in your exchanges with working partners, associates or public. This still won't affect the fact that you love what you do. Mercury in retrograde might complicate exchanges and it's possible that you're forced to firmly discuss a contract or an ongoing deal. Keep your cool and take a step back if necessary. While the stars are in your favor when it comes to finances and intensify your money inflow in your job, you might also meet useful people for the future. Luck is important this month so don't miss out on business dinners or meetings which could lead to promises and take you a step further. This will come easy for you, as you'll be super charming and send out vitality. Take care of your body, your physique, as now you realize how important it is to resume confidence. If you're getting nervous, try to think less and get moving more!


(February 20 - March 19)

You'll feel your initiatives, ideas and projects being highlighted this month which could give you a glimpse of future assets. During the beginning of the month you should be careful though, as a headlock is possible. Your business could be complicated but in your love life there will be pure happiness. No matter if you're single or in a relationship, love is present! Anything is possible, be it a closer relationship, an engagement, a wedding or love at first sight. If you're in a relationship you might discover one another through a more passionate and unbridled angle. For the singles: the encounter in your sight could change the course of your life, so go with the flow and don't pretend you can't see it. In the first half of the month you'll feel the energy and motivation you need to take your initiatives, but strong dissensions might be triggered. After that, be careful not to be too hasty and less precise while taking actions. It could bring some delays, hitches or misunderstandings concerning your business and there might be trouble with communication. Still, it's a good time to bank on your talents and skills which can decrease some past negative effects. Don't give into your kindness and lend money as you might not ever see it again. Try to revitalize this month, stay hydrated and don't stay out in the sun too much. Also surround yourself with cheerful people that boost your energy.


(March 20 - Apr 19)

Even though it's not one of your prominent qualities, you need to be patient and avoid violent reactions and aggressive behavior this month to avoid misunderstandings or conflicts with people around you. In the course of the month you might need to take a break. Family pressure and even the past might be issues you need to get through with. By the mid of the month you'll feel a promising energy and your enterprising mind being boosted. When it comes to your love life, you might also feel like making a break from it, given this tense atmosphere. As mentioned, family pressure, constraints and other obligations could get unpleasant between you and your loved ones. All this could make you want to go and check if the sun isn't brighter elsewhere. Something from the past could be back and shake up the balance you thought you had, when it comes to your love life. Your impulsive nature isn't your friend at this time. Career-wise this month requires patience and a line of maneuver. You'll feel a tense atmosphere during the beginning of the month and you'll find that conflict is wrongly the right way out. Avoid being too aggressive, it will only make things worse. The second half of the month will give you great energy, an enterprising mind and lead to success. A few compulsive purchases at times, despite your limited income due to payment delays or reduced working hours, could happen. Be careful while spending and consider what you really need and what is useful. You could react rather quickly this month as the stars titillate your nerves. Do physical excercises to get rid of the pressure.


(April 20 - May 20)

This seems like a very promising month in terms of relations. You'll feel a boost when it come to friendships and might get in touch with someone important, that might help you with projects but also potential health issues. Your family and loved ones will make you feel supported, loved and give you the backup you need. June is going to be a very affectionate month. Couples will receive and give all the love which is required for a healthy balance and a good connection. A beautiful heart stopper might be waiting for the singles amongst you. As mentioned, friendships will be present throughout the month and have exceptional moments in store for you. Career-wise your projects will be on a roll and you won't be worried to go for it and take risks. Concerning Mercury in retrograde, you should avoid committing and signing a contract or any other document and rather ask for precision and additional guarantees. Finances could be an issue and this is not going to be a picnic and may put you in a bad mood. Be careful with poor assessments, forgotten bills and dubious documents. Your mood might change a lot this month, but be careful with interacting a little more aggressive than you should and avoid with it coming conflicts between you and people around you. Try to relax as much as you can. Earth, you element, is going to help you connect with yourself and balance out your energies.

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