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fünf's monthly horoscope - April

Starsign of the month


(March 20 - Apr 19)

This month’s horoscope goes out to all you Aries out there. April might start off a little bit nebulous and confusing, especially at the beginning. You’ll find it hard to focus but this excursion won’t last too long. The opposite: you seem to have a happy and prosperous month ahead of you. A sense of well-being and optimism will come to you and very soon you’ll find the ignition to start your engine and keep it running. You’ll feel the power to be independent and it’s the perfect time to manifest the things you want to do. Do your own thing, connect with your soul and design your life in consideration of your comfort zone. At the same time be careful not to neglect the people around you, respect their views and take care of them. Contain yourself from pampering them hough, this might lead to suspicion amongst your loved ones. The clever ideas you have shouldn’t be underestimated and your family and friends can be an inspiration and council - include their opinions when it comes to decisions. Still, be careful who you trust. Your values might be challenged and not everyone is who you think they are! Good news will be waiting for you at the end of April.


By the beginning of the month your love life might seem average and unchanged. Your partner could be out of town and nothing special happens. After this first period you seem to be spending more time with your partner though and happiness and soft feelings will bring you closer together. It is also a good time to express your feelings towards someone you like - be brave and take the chance!

Finance & career:

This month will help you securing your job. Prove your capability and see the positive results. Some tension and differences might seem to be in the way between you and your working field, but chances to be promoted are high. Be your determined self and win their confidence. Hard work pays off! Also financially. It seems like it’s a good month to invest, launch something and treat yourself. Give it good thought and invest wise!


You will have to take care of yourself, especially this month, as there’ll be some ups and downs. Choose your surroundings wisely, people and places, as they might affect your well-being (positive and negative). Avoiding bad places and people will spare you a lot of problems. It might seem like a tough period but with a little extra care you'll be fine. Treat yourself and try to relax. Most important: Sleep and stay hydrated!


(April 20 - May 20)

April has to offer a lot of mixed emotions for you. It will start off by making you feel sociable and communicative, but your energy level will decline - not necessarily in a negative way though. You’ll feel like retreating from the world for a while and you probably should. Being happy with your own company at this time anyway, it’s the best way to understand yourself and your goals in a better way. Starting the month off with a few problems and difficulties, the second half provides better times. You’ll be back to socializing, enjoying it and will feel the need to express yourself. Watch your tone though. At the same time a lot of career opportunities seem to be ahead of you, moving you towards the spotlight. By then you’ll start to feel more comfortable and confident in your skin so by the end of the month you’ll shine, showing your brilliance and smart ideas. When it comes to your feelings in general, you’re trapped in-between the security of your habits and the desire to take off to new lands. Literally - you’ll feel like traveling more than ever which can be a frustrating desire during those times.

Besides your career starting to take off, your love is on an altitude flight - a romantic dream may come true! Your partner (if you have one) will comfort you and boost your confidence even more. Prepare for good news, surprises, opportunities and a learning experience this month.


(May 21 - June 20)

The first week of April may have some distractions waiting for you - don’t let it affect you too much and try to stay focused. Keep your responsibilities and goals in mind. It’s a good time to concentrate on your career as it’ll be likely for you to succeed, either with starting something new or reaching a higher post. Believe in yourself, as you’re ready to take on challenges to achieve your goals and will harmonize with people around you. It’s a good time to connect socially, work in teams and meet new people. Move forward with your plans, don’t procrastinate and put things off. It’s the perfect time to try new ways and do more of the things you enjoy. This time will help you find out what’s important and the energy you need will come with it - but one thing at a time. It’s important to put your health first and care for yourself! As your birthday isn’t too far away, the end of the months seems like a good time for releasing, letting go and looking into your inner world to heal. As your material wealth might not be a reason to worry, your spiritual wealth concerns you. This month can help you find some clarity and answers. You should concentrate on finding a daily routine that suits you. This’ll take some pressure off your chest and make you feel relieved. Conflicts with your loved ones will reduce and your bond will strengthen.


(June 21 - July 21)

A lot of questions seem to be awaiting you this month. Living with specific structures, habits and responsibilities in your life, it seems to be the right time to question them - take a risk and step into the unknown. Ask yourself what’s really important and what you can let go to feel clearer and lighter. Release yourself from old habits that might not be doing you any good. Looking at your career, it might be an exciting time to start a new job or move into a new direction - maybe think of a career change. This month offers an opportunity to overcome any past traumas you may have been struggling with. Psychological energy and positivity will help you forgive others as well as forgive yourself. You’re looking for something to contribute to and new ways to socialize - involve yourself in a community, work in teams and interact with new people. Finding likeminded individuals will give you a boost of energy. Don’t forget to use some energy for your existing relationships though, as the career-enthusiasm might cause conflicts. The end of the month revolves around your dreams, wishes and hopes. With your new won energy you’ll feel like starting a project, moving forward and enjoy yourself more. Focus on having a good time. It’s time to embody the very best of you - don’t hide who you are or how you feel!


(July 22 - August 22)

This month is a lot about finding balance between responsibilities and freedom. You’ll feel adventurous and the need to expand your horizon, step out of your borders and try something new. Don’t neglect your career and forget about your real ambitions though. Having the best of both worlds can be difficult sometimes. April offers a great chance to move forward - get into projects or deal with things that have been on hold. By the beginning of the month you’ll feel like traveling - not only physically. You want to find new spiritual dimensions and meaning in your own life with everything you do. You’ll realize how important family, friends and partners are as a source of support and surely they always have your back. This month might provide an unexpected but positive movement in terms of your career, which might come as a surprise to you and boosts your happiness and energy a lot. New possibilities will open up to you and you’ll start to think a lot about how you want to be seen and how you can touch peoples lives. It’s time to move into new directions, contribute and make a difference. Find a community and have a voice. A new relationship might wait for you or an existing might deepen. By the end of the month you’ll feel like releasing all this energy - don’t hold your emotions inside. Rest and take some time for yourself - don’t hesitate to take a break and move back a little. Your loved ones will support you and you’ll feel the healing.


(August 23 - September 22)

April will make you consider your priorities and responsibilities. It’ll be a back and forth and quite exciting time. Work might seem like the most important thing for your by the beginning of the month, but your love and social life could suffer - your priorities need some adjusting. You’ll figure things out though and your passion will lead you the right way. A desire to break out and do something unusual will make you think about everything serious that holds you down. It’ll be a challenge to find a balance. Try not to be overcommitted and release yourself while still creating boundaries to accomplish things you want to accomplish. Just be aware of emotional manipulation. Having found a balance, you’re back to moving forward with your career soon, getting an important opportunity. You’ll feel adventures this month, leading to acting more reckless and accept challenges. It’s a time for moving forward and keep going - take advantage and act wisely. New projects, investments or finding solutions to problems will lead you through the month. Considering your values, you’ll want to speak out and work towards a better world. Go deeper and allow yourself to trust and become more intimate with people. Learn how to open up and trust - it’ll make you feel more loved. The month will round out with even more surprises and news. Push yourself to be seen more, work together with people and you’ll earn the spotlight for your efforts.


(September 23 - October 22)

You’ll spend a lot of time in your head this month. It is a good way to grow, but be careful not to get distracted too much. Especially when it comes to work. Having trouble to find a balance between the responsibilities, stability and commitments in your life, you should try to let go of burdens you’re carrying around and find freedom and let loose your eccentric self. Figure out new things to do, new ideas and get to know new people. A new or an old love might brighten up your mood and could lead to a very special moment. You’ll find yourself being more considerate of your relationships, which could be rewarding. Your communication will be clearer and new romance might be a result of that. As a typical libra, you’ll bring peace and harmony and let relationships bloom with you in the spotlight. Surprises in love might be waiting for you. You should see the opportunity for intimacy in the middle of April and drop your barriers - be more vulnerable. You’ll also find yourself focusing more on how to make a living for yourself, considering decisions and figure out how to improve your income. It’s a good time for investments and put more energy into your own career. Ask for what you want and don’t accept no as an answer! With spring blooming, try to leave any negativity behind and go on outdoor adventures - you’ll feel the boost of positivity.


(October 23 - November 21)

This month may not be starting all positive. Bad feelings, insecurity or jealousy might seem to increase at first. Something hidden could come to the surface. This can feel emotionally disruptive for you, but moving further into the month, you’ll get back to feeling more stable and sane. You’ll experience a feeling of breaking out of some commitments, responsibilities and habits - ask yourself what’s important and what you don’t need in your life. There’s a difference between having to and choosing to - try to find the balance. News concerning your love life might brighten things up. Keep yourself away from possible gossip and rumors that might concern you during the month and be careful what you say yourself. However, healing will follow and you’ll feel passion and forgiveness - especially in terms of your family or relationships. Travelling would be just the right thing to do for you - even though it might be impossible at the moment. Try to get out, maybe do a day trip or have some adventurous outdoor time. Strong emotions might confuse you at some point this month that will help you transform your relationship and work it into something better though. A surprise might expect you - in a good way. You might meet someone you’d never expect to meet that makes you come out of your shell. The month of April provides some new beginnings - may it be a work opportunity, new people or rebooting your health. Try something new that gets you into a healthy balance.


(November 22 - December 20)

Starting with a not necessarily bad but lethargic feeling, the beginning of April seems a bit foggy for you. With the focus on your love life and home, you’ll feel lazy and apathetic. You'll see yourself being challenged to find the balance between the responsibilities and structure you need and the need to liberate yourself from unnecessary rules and boundaries. Stretch your boundaries and seek fun, excitement and pleasure. Your routines will be under control at some point, but be careful to not be reckless with money. April can bring new romance into your world - in terms of relationships and shared dreams and visions or as in terms of a new business you’re exited about. Show your creativity and create things that make you happy. Your energy encourages you and you’ll be seeing exiting times ahead. By the mid of the month you’ll focus on your health and well-being - it’s time to reflect on your spiritual journey so far. Do some research about things you could do for your health and care for yourself a bit more than usual. Look for new opportunities to stretch yourself into, maybe a new community. The end of April might offer a chance to let your energy float into finances, rearrangements and to get things sorted. You’ll need space and quiet to recharge your batteries.


(December 21 - January 19)

Even though hard work normally satisfies you enough, you’ll feel encouraged to find a new balance between things you must do and trying out the unknown. You don’t feel comfortable anymore working in order to provide and feel the need for some fun and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. You’ll be more likely to find the right balance at this time. If you’re single, this is the perfect time for dating as well. Break away from habit patterns and give yourself time for fun, hobbies, creativity and romance - there’ll be a burst of creative energy. Be careful involving other people as they might not have the same mindset as you at the moment and let them do their own thing. You’re exited about surprises and new beginnings - especially regarding your home. You might find a new environment, family or people and you’ll feel a lot more soziable (and maybe even a little argumentative). As you’re probably working from home, it’s a good time for change and to beautify your home. With all this energy it’s also a good way to start a new business. By the end of the month you’ll see yourself being more proactive in relationships. A good way to help and reach out to people who need some company or uplifting.


(January 21 - February 19)

You see yourself being mislead to wrong decisions at the beginning of the month - be especially careful when it comes to finances during that time. This month will make you feel comfortable in your communication zone and you’ll feel like making your voice be heard and say out loud what’s on your mind. This feeling will help you talk out to a family member or close one. It’s time to question some of your choices and habits - look at your life and consider if you’re really enjoying the things you’re committed to. Isn’t there something you could let go of without restricting yourself anymore? It may be time to move somewhere, start a new life or at least collect some new experiences. Step out of your comfort zone! Especially the mid of April will be a good time for family life, possible surprises included. On the other hand there might be bad communication in terms of struggle with gossip or someone claiming wrong things about you. Don’t let this get you down. A creativity boost will help you unfold your unique talents. By the end month you will feel a higher determination and persistence concerning your working life, which will turn your attention back to your career - it’s a good time to reach for your goals and actually reach them! You’ll feel motivation to learn or study something new, find connections and share your information. Connect with your family, reboot your health and well-being. Just. do. it.


(February 20 - March 19)

As the month gets off to a busy start, it will bring out more of your restless nature. You’ll be pushing yourself to be free. Find some things and commitments that make you feel restricted and let go of them. Don’t set yourself impossible targets and try new things instead while breaking old habit patterns. During those stressful times you may get the feeling you’re not getting enough support from your family. You might not be needing it though as you’ll start to feel and regain your inner strength. By the mid of the month it will be the perfect time to communicate, learn and connect. You’ll find ways to get your point across and cooperations come more easily than expected. Connect offline and online, share information and inspire people / be inspired by people - there’ll be special connections. It’s a good time for persuasion, marketing and campaigning. New beginnings, possibilities, negotiations and money making possibilities seem to be ahead. It’s the month to dig up creative talents and make sure to do things you love. You might even develop something into a business that people will pay you for. Care for yourself and do something you love and that’s fun. Be proactive about the romance you want to feel. Try to get some distance from your normal environment by the end of the month and find your own place. It’s the time for a breakthrough and achievements - you’ll be recognized as you deserved it!

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