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fünf's monthly horoscope

Starsign of the month:


(Feb 20 - March 20)

This months horoscope is dedicated to all of our Pisces friends. Starting off with some positive vibes, the first half of March will go well and sorted for you, including minor health issues. Life seems under control and a slow and steady gain in accomplishments will be noticeable. March could be a good month for education, family, love and money matters. Going abroad for a job (as far as it’s possible at the moment) might open new perspectives to you. As the support of your loved ones is a safe bet and money won’t be much of a matter, enjoy your time while taking care of your health. March will be the right month to help you make the right decisions and hopefully find your way out of trouble. It will also help you increase your natural traits such as empathy, sensitivity and observation.


If you aren’t already one, this month may make you a romantic. Love matters might turn into the right direction and make you enjoy every bit of your relationship. If you’re single, someone you already now might become a love interested you didn’t expect. This month will make you care for your lover more than usual - you’re happy as longs as they’re happy. Be careful with misunderstandings due to rash behavior. Avoid harsh words or impulsive actions that might lead to unnecessary situations.

Finance & career:

You might feel excited and relieved this month, which could have to do with a chance of financial gain. It’s the time to spend, lend or waste money - but be careful: do not overspend, try to keep things under control and an overview of budget and spendings.

Your career might develop due to improvements in your relationship with your boss. Chances are it might bring you to a new level professionally - either a higher working position or a new team - especially after the middle of the month.


Be specifically careful when it comes to your body and health this month. Even easy housekeeping and daily chores might cause some health issues - don’t sprain your ankle while cleaning. If you’re feeling health discomforts, don’t avoid a medical checkup. Take your time for some rest and follow the doctor’s advice. This month can also be a time of full recovery and healing. Remember: Health is important and can’t wait! Monitor psychological stress as well.

4th: Listen to your intuition - 13th: Inner strength - 18th: Real honesty?


(March 21 - Apr 20)

During pandemic times, socializing might be hard. Maybe that’s why March will make you feel more communicative, and you’ll feel the urge to connect with others. If possible, nurture your social life but be careful with exaggerations or betrayal of trust - your friends secrets should be safe with you. Besides being social, don’t forget about yourself and take some quiet downtime, while focusing on your spiritual zone. This month will give you some lightness and decrease the pressure on your shoulders while calming your impulsive nature.

March is the time to show and use your skills for the benefit of others and not only your love life may benefit from these skills. There might me some emotional work to - healing and forgiveness towards your partner are important. A feeling of solitude, distance or absence may distract you. Don’t indulge in illusions by confusing dreams and reality, things will change soon.

Especially the end of March might be a productive time - this energy paves the way to refine your objectives and lead to success. Don’t rush, be relaxed and don’t think too much about the consequences. Better organized than usual, you’ve got this! Be careful with impulsive buys though. Encouraged to trust, it’s a good time to work in a team.

5th: Time to relax - 20th: Be social - 26th: Love


(Apr 21 - May 21)

March revolves a lot around your career. This month will start with an optimistic and ambitious feeling, leading to some motivating energy. Be sure your career path is in line with your highest values and focus on your innovative and exceptional ideas. You might reconsider your position. Forget about habits and old patterns and try to broaden your horizon. The most important thing is that you’re happy with what you’re doing.

This month will help you understand your goals with your projects better. It will help to link between your money and career zones. You might be taking on too much work, but you’ll feel a relief and find peace of mind for yourself by the end of the month.

Nothing to worry about when it comes to your love life though - you and your darling will be in sync and a lot of romantic moments, sweetness and magic (Yikes!) will keep you company and create a peaceful atmosphere. Comfort and company are safe. Go out, meet people (if possible) and accept opportunities - something good awaits you!

4th: Don’t worry! - 13th: Love - 18th: Career


(May 22 - June 21)

March will give you a real boost of energy, bringing confidence and charisma to you. When it comes to professional and personal space, this month predicts luck for the Gemini born. You might achieve recognition for your talents and possibly a promotion after a load of working moments. You’re ready to take on challenges to achieve your goals and know exactly what you want and how to get it. You will feel adventurous and restless and seeing new places and faces (as far as possible) will do you good.

Still you might wish for a change in your job as it might not be as meaningful as you’d want it to be. Watch out for hidden information that might change the way you feel.

Unclear and doubtful thoughts about a situation in your love life could turn into a secure, clear and obvious feeling and brighten everything up!

Even though it might be hard at the moment, it’s a good time for making new friends and go on adventures - exciting times are ahead! Still, appreciate the people and things you already have in your life - happiness does not only come from new and exciting things. Or best: combine doing something exciting and take your loved ones with you!

6th: Youth - 21st: Good news! - 29th: Love


(June 22 - July 22)

Besides living during a pandemic, it’s okay to enjoy your own company a bit more this month and seclude yourself. Prioritize peace and quiet more than usual. Emotional thinking as forgiveness, resentment, passion and jealousy will keep your mind busy. This might come in handy, as you might feel a lack of motivation and energy.

Another thing you feel strongly about might lead you to speak out what you believe in. There’s a good chance to make your voice be heard as well as coming with a boost of creativity. Be careful though - there might be some financial complications with projects.

Starting off in an affectionate, warm and supportive atmosphere, things might become more complicated and preserve this feeling. Another focus will be your career, as you are able to put emotional issues aside and concentrate on other things such as work. A lack of motivation might get into your way, but your creativity might get back on it’s feet - especially as an artist. Be careful - don’t let your personal life infer with your career. Don’t force yourself going out and safe your energy for more important things - for example yourself!

3rd: Love - 12th: Inspiration - 23rd: Emotions


(July 23 - Aug 22)

Change is ahead, but you’ll be able to adapt to it easily. It will be a challenge resisting these changes and at the same time accepting that they’re inevitable. It might be a good way to make progress towards your goals. This month is also promising for relationship changes - new contacts might come into your life. No matter if in a relationship or single: fiery times are ahead and seducing is going to be easy. Still, some lingering issues may distract you from seeing the fire. Avoid secrets and gossip. There’s a hot line between fantasy and reality. On the other hand, this time helps heal and repair any issues.

Also your job shows some promising change: you’ll progress in your career and your company might evolve in a different direction. Your work will be honored and change won’t throw you out of your lines. Your professional foundation strengthens and a new path might be ahead of you. This can lead to an increase in income and improvement.

Don’t resist change - own it! It might include some advantages for you.

5th: Love - 14th: Ideas - 20th: New contacts


(Aug 23 - Sept 22)

March might seem to start with movement and unrest, especially in your career and working life. But don’t worry, the pressure will start to lift, and you’ll be able to find quick solutions, flexibility and solve issues fast. Don’t hesitate to lean on others though, your energy level might be low and support might be needed - you don’t always have to do anything by yourself.

This month will bring some magical interludes, especially in the second half of the month - no matter if you’re single or happily taken. It might be the time to team up with someone who’s skills and spirit complement yours. Also, for working relationships. Creativity and playfulness will bring a lot of life and let you be merged in it.

As it comes to your job, you might be offered a boost, making your projects more delightful, easy and lead to success - thanks to your own skills and efforts. March stays on a positive note right up to the end. But be careful - risk of conflicts might occur, and you may feel over strained with tasks and pressure Don’t let yourself be pulled between competing desires for control and freedom.

9th: Past relationship - 18th: Job - 28th: Well-being


(Sept 23 - Oct 22)

This month might be the time where everything is possible! It will offer you motivation and creativity - and might make you want to learn something new, adapt and boost your ideas. Use your imagination, come up with ideas, and you’ll be rewarded with promising opportunities! Try to organize your life and mange your time so there’ll be more time for fun and enjoyment. As adventures are a good thing, it might be the right time to find someone to go on an adventure with. Maybe a romantic getaway? Maybe a romantic commitment? Get your relationship in a firmer position. Be careful to make enough time for relationships while being successful and busy. This month will be the perfect time to adapt to all situations and atmospheres though and your versatile personality will trigger several new relations - work and private. Be careful to not let anybody take your energy or get you down. Success is in reach, so grab all the opportunities!

4th: Careful with spending money - 13th: Relationships - 19th: Creativity!


(Oct 23 - Nov 21)

Be excited for a passionate month, Scorpios! A lot of creativity will surround you in March and intensify your passion and intuition. Despite that it might be a quite introspective, thoughtful time. Don’t be too hard on yourself and take advantage of the potential transformation, soul-searching and self-analysis. It also might help to understand your partner better. Let them know they can count on you in every situation. It’s the perfect time to experience romantic, passionate and complicit moments through great understanding with your partner. Grab the opportunity and free yourself from past trauma or hurt. As to projects and hobbies, you might be able to make big progress and fulfill your work - inspiration and enthusiasm are by your side and the progress will make you feel happy. Especially artistic and creative activities are highlighted. Take the chance and implement your projects. A perspective for better finances is there. With this optimistic vibe, you’ll be able to stay positive - even when your responsibilities drag you back down. Despite the motivation, don’t underestimate the energy and help your loved ones can give you!

4th: Dream big - 13th: Great joy - 18th: Prove your talent


(Nov 22 - Dec 21)

This month focuses on loved ones and family, as there will be a peaceful and serene atmosphere. This will be an ideal time for a fresh start in family dynamics. You’ll feel the happiest being around your family and spending time at home. But be careful - all this passion and excitement might lead to clashes and trigger tensions, which might lead to an argumentative streak. Still, you won’t be having a hard time playing your cards right. In terms of your love life, passion, sensuality and desire - it’s all present. Idyllic moments will be present and a sensitive period will accompany you. On the other hand, this also may lead to realizing you’re being manipulated and lied to.

As to clashes - jealousy due to success might be a reason for rivalry in your job. But don’t worry, you’ll observe, act quickly and might even intensify your position in the company. There also might be a possibility to earn money though artistic creations.

Financial problems might ease during this month, and it’s time to enjoy yourself more. This new energy might help to improve your work-life balance - improve your working techniques and have more time to spend at home and relax. Don’t give too much attention and importance to what you hear or get taken in. You’ll identify the people who might use you.

5th: Self care - 20th: Potential clash - 30th: Friendship


(Dec 22 - Jan 20)

March seems like a prospecting month for all you Capricorn born. Follow your intuition, you’ll know the right things to do, and you’ll know what to avoid. There might be a workload waiting for you which you’ll know how to master (just like a Capricorn does). March will be the month to make the most out of shared moments. Enjoy the romantic breeze and go with the flow of happiness, forget about responsibilities and don’t work too much For the single ones - you’re waiting for someone to steal your heart, and maybe it’s time for some seduction.

Don’t be lazy when it comes to taking chances this month. It’s the time to apply for your dream job or use your intellectual performance to impress your working field - the respect is yours, which might lead to more. Don’t deprive yourself when it comes to spending money - but don’t waste as well. In any sense: Make the most of this month. Instead of working too much, take the time to live and prioritize your loved ones.

9th: Work - 18th: Love - 28th: Career


(Jan 21 - Feb 19)

Besides spring being the season of love, March can be quite romantically promising for Aquariuses. Watch out for an all consuming passion that might burst into your life and turn your plans upside down. Don’t go to extremes though and find compromises. If you want to make a confession to someone you like, it’s the right time! Also communicate with loved ones to help them solve their problems.

When it comes to career and finances, showing a maximum of effort will pay off for some of you by the end of the month. Hang in there and stay productive, Mercury might contribute to an increase in income. Just be careful not to thoughtlessly waste all the earned money. Also watch out when you’re planing on starting a business and make investments in the first half of the month.

When it comes to health, try to avoid wasting energy, emotionally and physically. If you have an unstable psyche, you’re risking a nervous breakdown. Take breaks, enjoy your hobbies and take some time off if possible. Coping with emotions will get better by the end of the month.

March is the month to concentrate on and prioritize in personal life, study and business.

6th: Friendship - 20th: Love - 30th: Contact

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