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Fünf Horoscope Forecast For 2022

A few weeks to go and the year 2021 will be over again. Time was flying in speed of light this year and most of you will probably agree that it's been quite a turbulent year and hasn’t been the best for a lot of us. A lot of restrictions, a lot of chaos and a lot of emotions accompanied all of us in some way - be it in our lives and personal surroundings or the world in general. But as mentioned, this year will be over soon - so let's all looking forward to a hopefully more joyful, happy and bearable year 2022. We want to thank you for your support, so here’s a little something to hopefully make you look forward to the next year! Enjoy Christmas and the holidays and a Happy New Year to all of you - let's get through with it and make a new start together!

Your Fünf team.


November 22 - December 21

As it is still Sag season, we’ll start off our 2022 forecast horoscope with you, dear Sagittarius, as you will be heading into a very good year. 2022 will push you out of your comfort zone to create opportunities for growth and creativity as you will have all the cosmic help to make big things happen. Especially in the first few months, you’ll feel the urge to expand your horizon and try new and bigger things. This, as a start into the new year, will offer you a burst of energy. Moderation is the key - don’t restrain your motivation and enthusiasm but rather channel it into smaller bits. Having a clear target will help you stay focused. By mid 2022 you might experience a little low in your life, making you feel insecure, anxious or indecisive. Overdoing things could get you lost in a fog of confusion and lead you to those feelings. This won’t last too long though and will leave you with even more motivation to reach for your goals. Don’t be too overconfident though and try to get there step by step. You’ll regain your confidence which offers you a chance to start something new, which may be a new course, a lesson or even a relationship. It’ll be a time of spiritual and material growth. When it comes to your love life you’ll very likely be aimed by Cupid’s arrow which means love and romance are on the cards. Feeling witty, charming, playful and generous, a new love might cross your path who will very much enjoy your company. This doesn’t have to be a lover but could also be a new friend, someone from your family or even a (business) partner. Relationships will bloom with your presence. This year will bring you a lot of growth and inspiration - keep your eyes on the prize and as long as you’re staying realistic and organized - you can only win.


December 22 - January 19

Your keywords this year, Capricorn, are beauty, harmony and destiny. 2022 will lead you close to new situation and get you confronted with your destiny as your planetary ruler Saturn clashes with the nodes of Destiny. A more relaxing and efficient feeling inside yourself might lead you to more joy and cheerfulness in your life. You will run into people, places and opportunities that will help you to finally get to your desired destination. By the middle of the year there will especially be a chance to reshape your reality. This might be connected with an opportunity to travel, which will be good for your body and your mind. Beauty and attraction may not just be related to one thing but various spectrums. In unison with your destiny, it could be about art, people or even a new place you may travel or move to. Through introspection and exercising your mind, you may rise above the stress and strain of routine and be able to relax and feel more content and creative. This will also help you to bring back some talents you may have pushed back. When it comes to relationships, you may find yourself more appreciated and cared for. Friends may turn into lovers. Strangers might turn into life partners. Either way is a good opportunity to find someone for your life. Don't let the feeling of getting betrayed overpower you. Sometimes you may be emotional and forget to love and enjoy the luxuries that surround you - emotionally and in general. You need to be both, happy and confident - reaching for self-love and self-encouragement will make you feel better, comfortable and secure. Be especially active, use your mind and choose wisely when it comes to working decisions - but also life in general. All in all, the following year will bring more relaxing times and less hustle.


January 20 - February 18

This year harmony is the keyword for you, dear Aquarius. You should follow the principles of peace, which will be likely to help you in your endeavor. You will spread your new gained joy and happiness among the people in your life and also new people you may meet. Appreciation and acknowledgement are two important things you want to bring to others and as soon as you do so, you will receive them in return. Are you still looking for your purpose? Help is on the way this year! There might be people, opportunities and forces to assist you in fulfilling your dreams this year. A newer and more aligned version of yourself might come to the surface of your body and into your life. Make the best of it. Avoid abrupt decisions though when it comes to your job, as the right moment may have not yet arrived and maintain a good relationship with your bosses meanwhile. You will eventually rise above the stress and strain of routine existence and start enjoying your life more. Your patience, tenacity, commitment and purposeful nature will make it easier for you to deal with your problems, other ones problems and people. As it may not have felt like this last year, you will become an object of affection this year and will charm people with your spiritual and unselfish communications. You might have some doubts about the newly linked up person and as your valuing your privacy, don’t force yourself if you’re not ready yet. But soon enough you might feel the emotional connection with someone as there could be loving and affectionate moments ahead of you this year. Thanks to dedication and hard work you’ve been investing, you’ll get closer to your dreams. Remain focused, don’t lose your sight and avoid being too high-spirited before time. Even though you tend to be shy and secretive, try avoiding showing it too much. Be your charming self, especially this year, and nothing will stand in your way.


February 19 - March 20

Technically you are the last sign among the 12, dear Pisces - but practically you will feel way ahead of all the others this year. A feeling of power will accompany you in the best possible way and with it success, happiness, good luck, optimism, generosity and enthusiasm. Situations may arise that will make you feel excited and blessed very quickly. You will experience growth in many different forms, your sense of spirituality will deepen and you might begin a new cycle along your souls journey. Don’t be fooled by situations when you find yourself being lethargic and lacking energy. You are wise enough to handle those moments and will eventually get your strength back to become the charismatic person that you are again. This is also a reason why people in your life will rely on you for a solution to their problems. Don’t feel like you have to live up to everyone’s expectation though. As a Pisces you are a person of clarity and with your high level of energy to deal with, you’ll get out of there easily. When it comes to your love life, don’t handle it with a casual attitude, a slight difference in your approach to things might help. Don’t wait on other people to make a move and try to be more active and communicate directly. Be thoughtful and try to make the first impression count. Also you career might get a boost and you’ll make progress. You’ll find the time and right mindset to deal with everything. Doing what you always wanted will take you to a new height and bring a more progressive and excellent phase in your life. You might need a little encouragement and motivation to drive you though. Don’t underestimate yourself and be proud of your achievements. Give the best you can and you will see the success and the colorful results in the end.


March 21 - April 19

You’ll start the year with a lot of patience, perseverance and trusting yourself - partly because you’re one of the wisest zodiac signs, partly because you’ve learned your lessons the year before. 2022 seems to involve a new cycle of growth as your spirituality will be enhanced and make you explore topics that spark your curiosity. You will need some patience though as your plans may seem to start off slow and some baggage from the past might slow you down. Avoid big changes at first and work slowly towards your goals - be it partners or career. Your inner life is going to get richer either way and it’s time to try new things. Helping others will broaden your mind and soul - the more you give, the more you will get. At some point you might be disinterested in pursuing your interests but physical exercises and keeping your goal in mind will help. All work and no play makes everyone a dull boy. Having faith in divine timing had you have money on your mind and your sense of wealth is connected to your self-esteem - make sure the rewards you’re searching for are not only financial but spiritual. It will be a good time to re-evaluate what you tend to give your time, resources and attention to. Let the year end with less social media and spending less time on your phone and rather focus on yourself and what’s essential without distractions. Especially during the second half of the year, there might be good chances of meeting someone special - someone really special. Your personal and romantic life may be rewarding in 2022 in all aspects - be it new partners or already existing relationships. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice when it comes to difficult decisions and always take time to process your feelings.


April 20 - May 20

Even though the year 2022 may start off on a good note for you, Taurus, there might be some challenges ahead. Make the most of it and don’t worry - the year in general seems promising and will offer some amazing opportunities. Naturally as a Taurus you’re quite rigid and won’t change your mind too easily - but this year will give you a chance for total metamorphosis. To stay on a good note, it is important to schedule your activities and life as good as you can, to coordinate your actions and achievements and make progress. You might have to change your way of thinking and prepare for emergence of new ideas. Even though you could feel uncomfortable at first, you will be glad about it in the end. This may even result in success, celebration and keeps the year continuing in a positive way. The efforts shall be rewarded and recognized. A lot of you will take up new initiatives about your work and profession. If you’re hesitant about it - get out of your shell and leave your reservations behind. The outcome will only lead you to a good place and happy state of mind. Learning new skills and put them into practice will be a big part of it. Don’t give up when you don’t see instant results as some things may take time. You might even find and develop a new passion that has been and will be important to you. It is also a good time to change your place of living. You’ll see people be aspiring to be more like you, which will make you feel more comfortable in your skin. Try to keep them around - the more you connect with people, the more you will grow this year. 2022 will be a year that will make you deal much better with people and you might even stave off some old conflicts. Good relations with family members could be maintained. When it comes to relationships and especially meeting new people, one of your best features is that you rather get to know someone - maybe even analyze them. As you’re quite particular about the person you want to be and be with and would not compromise about being with someone who is not worth it - you will most likely make good choices.


May 21 - June 20

The year that is awaiting you will be a unique one, Gemini. It’s finally time to take action and chase your dreams starting with standardizing and systematizing your activities. It’s a good time to start a more direct approach to your dreams and implement everything that you have learned in the past. Even though setting up goals for each month and following them is something you may have lacked in the past - and have to work towards to now. Find your priorities - the longterm goals you will chose now may be crucial to your success in the future. Planning is the key - it helps achieving goals and giving you a direction to where you are headed. Don’t take anything lightly, keep on working and your spirits high as good as you can. Especially in the first half of the year, you’ll feel yourself being put in touch with a deeper sense of power that will let you dive deeper into your motives and learn more about yourself. Self-development will result. Since life is moving fast enough, use these times to take a break from it. Try not to be overconfident with your achievements and stay humble and realistic. Being kind, grounded and approachable will also help people around you reach their goals as you’re taking them under your wing. 2022 may have many supporting factors to help you balance your finances wisely and will guarantee the support in your family. Just like other things in your life you should systematize your financial activities. When it comes to your love life, you may finally feel the urge to develop a relationship and be successful with it. It may be someone close to you or even someone you haven’t met yet - the main thing is to fill the void that currently exists. Especially the second half of the year seems promising for that - it may take time, but it could be something for forever. Be sure it is someone who emotionally embraces you and gives you the support of an essential partner in crime.


June 21 - July 22

You’re heading into a wonderful year, dear Cancer. Your focus in 2022 lies on personal life, career and finance. Even though you may feel like relaxing and enjoying life more, the first few months will be the perfect time to make an effort to go ahead. It’ll offer you self-confidence, growth and a good fortune. Don’t let it go to waste as it is also a great opportunity to increase wealth through self-employment and investments. Especially during this period you should take the chance to broaden your horizon by traveling and studying. Fittingly, nearing the mid of the year you’ll feel a certain energy and coming with it, an interest in learning something new. Results will ask you to embrace the change that will lead you to new found creativity in your life. This will help with self-promotion and achieving your goals. Your gained confidence will impress others. BUT - don’t expect everything to fly to you and don’t take it for granted. Hard work is essential to get the rewards for it. Set small goals and work upon them. As there might have been some past issues in your love life, it is finally the time to bring some fresh air to it. Be it an existing relationship where you’ll feel the support of your partner - especially after a long time of being together - or a new love interested, that might bring a breath of fresh air to your life. Make the most of this time and enjoy being in love with celebrating and embracing it. Your newly won energy and confidence will be recognized by others - which is also ideal to ask for favors. The end of this year, especially during Mercury Retrograde, might bring breakdowns, anxiety or other misfortunes. People from the past might disrupt your peace. Try to stay calm, don’t react too quickly or provoke. You’ll get back to your inner calm and balance and will be likely to attract the right kind of people.


July 23 - August 22

This year's keywords are transformation and personal development. It’s time to let go of your old self so a new version of you can emerge. A bonus - you’ll be able to return to the thing you like most: work on yourself. During the year you’ll find yourself in situations where you just have to go with the flow and make considerable life changes. It’s time to let go of old routines and find a new way to approach things and focus on passions. Especially the first weeks of the year might include some difficulties - especially concerning your communication and anxiety. People from your past might appear and get you into unexpected situations. Be careful how you communicate and don’t provoke or react unmindful. Your authority might be challenged and you need to justify your goals. You’ll know when you’re on the right path though and make some progress by staying focused. It’s about balance and making the right choices this year - in both your professional and personal life. Decision made this year may not only be rewarding for the present but also the future! Your love life has been quite stormy the past years, but 2022 might also bring a change here. You’ll finally find out what you really expect from your relationships and work with that - while keeping an open mind and not backing up from unusual situations. Make sure to rely on your spirituality and find a place with a sense of grounding and joy. Good planning is the key and your new approaches towards life will be successful. Although work provides you a lot of satisfaction too, it’s time to focus more on family and personal passions. Stop trying to control everything. It may not be in your nature, but will have positive effects on you. Give up control for a while and you’ll feel change for the better.


August 23 - September 22

A huge tune-up is awaiting you, dear Virgo. 2022’s persistent energy will not only change your mindset about life, it will ask you to expand your horizon like never before. All you’ve reached last year will continue and there is no downward trend. Your desire for knowledge, experience and culture will grow and might lead to start studying again, going on a trip or interacting with interesting people. Getting out of your comfort zone might feel overwhelming and scary at first but will lead you to inspiration and fulfillment - especially when you’re turning inwards and start searching there. On the other hand, using your many talents and skills will continue to grow and strive to implement your plans. Stable growth, be it old or new skills, is a good way to apply innovative ways of doing things and you will find some new ways to meet your needs. You might face some challenges if you’re being overeager and want more than you have. This could also affect other people and cause tension in your relationships. Be thankful for what you already have and avoid greed, excess and over-optimism. Especially the mid of the month will offer some changes when it comes to your love life. Your inner balance and calm will help you improve existing relationships but it is also an ideal time to start new ones. You will likely attract just the right kind of people. Groups and trips organized among friends might also be a good opportunity for lonely Virgos to meet someone special. You confidence will help you make good impressions on authority figures and superiors and get you closer to your professional goals and your ideal career. You should enjoy the benefits of your individuality and the need for freedom of self-expression.


September 23 - October 22

After a few surprises during the last year, this trend might deepen in 2022. Unexpected things and a transformation could be right ahead - so keep in mind that when certain doors close, others will open. A lot of energy will lead to unlimited choices - it’s the perfect year to start something (new). You’ll feel supported in the form of partnerships - romantic or business - but still have to learn to tame and control your own power. Let the unexpected happen while keeping a sane mind. This year will offer a very fruitful period where almost nothing is impossible for you. You might feel insecure, anxious or indecisive by the mid of the year. This won’t last long though and slowly turn into the urge to achieve your goals - don’t restrict yourself to a single goal here! It’s the time for self-development and aiming high. These times will bring opportunities for new adventures to broaden your horizon and outlook on life. Spiritual and material growth will follow. The most important thing for your here is not to become greedy, selfish or overconfident. Focus on that and you’ll be rewarded with quick thinking, adaptability and curiosity which will create harmony between your thoughts and your intentions to make conversations pleasant and straightforward. An increase in personal interaction and a good time to share ideas, make plans and especially meet new people will follow. Hardly anyone will be able to resist your charming words and you may have anyone you want. If there’s someone special in your life - no doubt you’ll win their heart easily. Use your special abilities when it comes to a long term relationship as well and your partner will appreciate you even more by bringing them satisfaction, happiness and excitement.


October 23 - November 21

You’ve been through a lot of changes in 2021, dear Scorpio - and 2022 will stay just as exciting. You will find a completely new version of you emerging from inside - without losing your true self. Good thing you’re a master at reinvention, because it’s time to prepare and acclimatize to new realities. You will feel yourself pointed in the right direction while transforming into your new self and it might feel quite turbulent. No doubt it may have an impact on the people around you. The year will start off with self-confidence, growth and a feeling of optimism, happiness and generosity. Don’t let your motivation go to waste and make the effort to go ahead - you’ll always have time to relax after. It will be a great opportunity to increase your wealth through self-employment or investments. Also use the time to broaden your horizon by learning new things or traveling. It’s time to think about what you really want from life as it might get a bit bumpy when it comes to your career. Nothing will come without an effort and you will need great perseverance to achieve success. At the end of the year everything that’s been difficult will improve. Try to endure and don’t give up as your hard work won’t be unnoticed. After you’ve let go of what no longer serves you, fun, creativity and inspiration will come towards you - maybe even a new partner or another important person in your life. When it comes to your love life, you will face some changes. An exciting new perspective will be offered you right at the beginning of the year and you will have to make important decisions that will help to shape the future. Use your intellect rather than your heart here. Lonely Scorpios will get a lot of opportunities to spend time in good company. You might have to make a choice in the end.

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