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fünf clothing presents Zero Bock


Zero Bock

The hemp lemonade

Fünf wants to introduce you to Zero Bock, a non-alcoholic soft drink made from biological hemp (extract of hemp flowers) and other selected ingredients. With its dry and fruity taste, including elderberries and blueberries, it is perfect to enjoy pure or mixed as a cocktail.

But let's introduce you to hemp as a valuable, beneficial and sustainable matter first and tell you all about the advantages.


What is hemp?

As you may know, hemp is a plant, consisting of fibers, seeds, leaves and flowers. The first thing that might come to your mind are marijuana or cannabis. No wonder - hemp is a variety of the Cannabis sativa L. plant, just like marijuana, so they come from the same cannabis species. Unlike marijuana though, hemp is the non-intoxicating variety and does’t include tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the substance why most people smoke it. Both are genetically distinct and further distinguished by use, chemicals or cultivation methods. You can smoke hemp as well, it just isn't intoxicating and causes any effect or euphoric highs on it’s own. That doesn't make it any less useful though. Hemp can be used for a lot of other things and is also called industrial hemp, as it is specifically grown for industrial use. And no wonder: it is one of the fastest growing plants on earth and as you will see very versatile in its use. The plant can be divided into four different categories: fibers, leaves, flowers and seeds.

What is hemp used for?

The use of hemp in and for products has become more and more popular, and not without a reason. As already mentioned, hemp is a very versatile product and can be used multifunctional for things like textiles and clothing, food, fuel and practical things like ropes, biodegradable plastics and paper. The fibers can be taken from the stems, protein from the seeds, oil from the leaves and what you might process otherwise (or smoke) from the flowers. Depending on what you want to produce, the different parts of the plant serve as different components for the products. The fibers for example can be used to make paper, clothing, textiles, ropes, etc. - we'll get back to that. The plastic made from hemp is like the textiles both stronger and more environmentally friendly than other plastics made from plant cellulose. The fuel made from hemp has way more advantages than negatives, which include no shortage, biodegradability and is non-toxic. Using hemp as oil or food is not only healthy but can help with a lot of other things. The seeds are even considered as a superfood and it has positive side effects on your health. The oil can for example boost your diet and all in all help you with your inner balance and mind.

Hemp as a fashion textile

As a sustainable fashion brand we’re always interest in natural and cruelty free fabrics and eco-friendly ways of producing them. Hemp fibers are one of the oldest fibers used for textile production as well as one the most useful. They have been used in the creation of clothing for ages. There is a huge variety of things and especially fabrics to produce from it, which reaches from roads, ship aisles, to soft and comfortable apparel and robust fibers. And in addition: it is one of the most sustainable materials for fashion. The bast fibers used for the production of textiles can be 100% made out of hemp. Often they’re combined with other fabrics or fibers like cotton, silk, etc. Hemp as a fabric resembles linen and hence doesn't enclose much air and has relatively poor insulation properties. It feels fresh and cool on the skin, so it's especially nice for summer clothing. The reason hemp is considered sustainable: the plant does not require irrigation during growth, unlike cotton, it grows very fast and barely has any natural enemies so it doesn't need pesticide treatment. As a natural product it is biodegradable and recyclable while being durable and high-quality as a product, which makes it last longer.

Zero Bock - the hemp lemonade

As we now know hemp is versatile, healthy and all in all a great matter. For food the seeds are high in protein, a great source of iron, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals, which makes it a nutritional and healthy product. And if you can eat it, why not drink it and make it tasty! That’s exactly what Zero Bock thought - and did: with a delicious, refreshing lemonade. While looking for an alternative for "accelerator drinks", Zero Bock was developed by the Breitengrad (Zeichen) CS GmbH, founded by Claudia and Sabine. Made with Austrian spring water, the composition of real hemp flower extract and the taste of elderberries and blueberries, the hemp lemonade Zero Bock is a tasty and bracing drink. A splash of Lime rounds it off and gives it the refreshing kick. It is vegan, refreshing and tastes good. You best enjoy it cooled, either by itself or mixed with other drinks and flavors to create a yummy cocktail. We already got you in that case and created some nice recipes for you to try out with your Zero Bock drink.


Check out fünf clothing's

Zero Bock cocktail recipes:

Bitter Booster:

2 cl Gin (alcohol-free: 2cl Ginger Ale)

4 cl green tea concentrate

2 cl Zero Bock

Splash of lemon juice

1/4 tsp sugar

Prepare your glass with a slice of ginger, dried lavender and stir it. Helps with your hangover, makes you fit again and activates your digestions.

End the cold April:

2 cl grape-chili-liqueur (alternative: 2 cl grape liqueur, 1/4 tsp of spicy sauce)

4 cl Tonic Water

2 cl Zero Bock

Prepare a martini glass rimmed with sugar and a piece of chili on a toothpick. Warms your inside.

Summer, Peace. Out (or: Lonely Island):

2-3 cl pear liqueur

6-8 cl Zero Bock

Splash of lemon juice

Cocktail glass and spit with summer fruits. Enjoy!


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