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Come with us - Josie

Personal Favorites

Hello everyone,

I am Josie and I’ve been working for Fünf as an intern for about five month now. I’m doing the internship as part of my fashion management studies and I’m very happy about the fact that I’m able to work with this brand. Today I want to introduce you to some of my personal spring favorites and maybe show you something new and inspiring.

My newest discovery in Berlin are “working cafés”. Personally, I get distracted at home, not least because I live in a shared apartment. I also get tired more easily and often have to resist a power nap that extends from the scheduled 20 minutes to two hours in the end. That’s why I moved my home office space to normal cafés at first - even though I sometimes felt a little out of place, sitting there with my laptop. Drinking coffee throughout the day also wasn’t the best solution. That’s why I started trying out “working cafés” on a regular basis, which is a mixture of a café and a co-working space.

My last visit was to the famous St. Oberholz right at Rosenthaler Platz. And even though I’ve spent lots of nights at „Rosi”, I’ve never noticed the two-floor café there. Entering the place you’re greeted by a wall of MacBooks. But what I like most is that everyone has their own little table, there are many little niches where you can sit and you have enough privacy. The staff is also very sweet and friendly. This whole atmosphere makes the working hours pass really fast and the coffee is not only delicious but really aesthetic to look at. The only shortcoming is the selection of milk alternatives as they only have oat milk as an alternative and I do prefer almond milk.

Work-Cafe-Blog is coming soon!

Fünf rings

Besides the philosophy of Fünf, the products - of course - were a main reason to apply for my internship. The rings I’m going to introduce you to are especially some of my favorites.

I’ve been looking for proper rings with good quality for a while now. On my hunt to find the perfect ones I’ve had to endure the blue coloring on my fingers from bad material and silver rings turning into golden rings. Other times the rings were just slipping off my fingers as the size wasn’t the right one.

My personal favorite from Fünf is the Rantai ring. It’s not too big nor too small. Not too prominent but also hard to miss. I generally love to cover my hand in rings. The Rantai ring is perfect for combining, to wear with other rings and always looks good.

After several hours of wearing rings I sometimes feel like taking them off because I feel constrained - not with this one though. I love to wear it the whole day and I am really looking forward to the new collections. And that I can tell you: you can be excited… ;)

Celery juice

A year ago I had the idea of trying out a celery juice cleanse. You almost solely drink pure celery juice every morning - and I failed right after the first day. After this attempt I forgot about the juice for a while. Until I worked at Impala Cafe in Charlottenburg a few days ago and ordered a celery juice. It was not only celery but with ginger, cucumber, apple and parsley. I was surprised at how good it was and am still enthusiastic. Even though I don’t really like the individual flavor of pure celery the mixture was very delicious and I want to try it at home soon.

To Tempelhofer Feld by bike and then…

One of my (unfortunately only) few physical exercises is riding my bike. Only when the sun is out though. But as the cold days have hopefully passed soon, nothing stands in the way anymore. Personally, riding through Berlin is still a bit too much for me - cars, pedestrians or other people on bikes coming from every side. Not quite the easy-going bike ride I’m used to from my little hometown but rather stressful. Owning a racing bike myself, it’s also quite difficult to ride through the nearest forest - but that’s what the Tempelhofer Feld is for. On this big concrete field you can ride as fast as you want while enjoying the sun and the wide view. Even though I’m mostly done after one round, with my poor fitness. That’s when I meet my friends on the field to…

…enjoy Aperol in the sun.

Last year we went there almost every day: had Zoom meetings, went skateboarding or rollerblading or danced at spontaneously arised raves. Aperol season starts with spring season. Don’t ask me why but I guess that’s just part of it. Like mulled wine and winter.

Of course it’s also nice to go to little cafés with everyone and spend the evening there. But as a student a glass of Aperol is quite expensive. That’s why I recommend the bottle brought from the supermarket on Tempelhofer Feld. I hope there’ll be one of those days again soon.

But for now...I’m wishing all of you sunny days and I hope you will enjoy them!

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